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Hate Free Heroes is a modern day role playing game that takes the player into the role of an H.F.H agent and researcher dedicated to decreasing the rise of Aggromites in the city.

Aggromites/Aggromite (definition) [ag-roh-myht] [noun]: A mischievous entity that influence a person's aggression levels through the dream world or altered reality.

Your Main Character:

Your main character is known as The Professor, a former doctor and scientist now Meta Physician and researcher for the H.F.H. The Professor is rumored to be the one who discovered the existence of an altered reality which the agency's research is now currently based on. He decided to leave his former professions in order to help discover the source of the growing rise in Aggro within the dream world.

Your Mission:

As a new agent to the agency, your mission will be to discover the source of the growing rise in Aggro within the city. This journey will take you within the heart of Newsport as you explore different locations and deal with diverse situations. As you engage the Aggromites in each location, you not only help reduce the Aggro in the city, you also help the agency's research in discovering the source of the city's Aggro influx.